Giving artists a truly present audience.

Wether you’re an artist, comedian or public speaker, you deserve a truly present audience. After all, a shared mood makes for a much better experience.


Although taking pictures and videos make for a great way to relive a moment, recording and watching the show from a Camera app completely takes away from being present at whatever is going on. The audience is missing out on the actual performance and may post footage of the show online without the artists permission.


All eyes on you.

Your public is truly present during your entire show and you co-create an energetic ambiance, making your show a memorable fun moment.


No quick peeps or calls during your show and the public won’t be distracted by other’s phones in the air.

As an artist, you want to be engaged with your audience. After all, you’re standing there to perform for them. Constantly having cameras with flashlights pointed at you takes away from this connection. The part of the audience which actually has their eyes on you instead of on their Camera app is also hindered by all the smartphone screens pointed in the air in front of them.


Whether you’re an artist performing in a sold out arena or a comedian performing for a small crowd, we’ve got you covered. Upon entrance of the venue, your public will be requested to store their phone into the Lockpouch. They will remain possession of their phones during the show, but won’t be able to use it. If they need to make an important call, they can enter a phone-zone where they can unlock their Lockpouch. At the end of the show, venue staff will be present to unlock and collect all of the visitors their Lockpouches.

Suggested usage for shows
We recommend to have your local staff provide visitors with a Lockpouch upon entrance of the venue. At the exit we recommend to have staff available to unlock the visitors Lockpouches, so they can regain access to their phone as they leave the venue.

Big concert venues may find it valuable to create a phone-zone where visitors can unlock their phone to answer an important call without having to leave the venue.


We would like to provide you with a custom tailored way to implement Lockpouch at your venue, arena, tour or theater.