Students get to store their beloved smartphone in a safely locked pouch until their class or schoolday is over.

Lockpouch strives for a smartphone-free environment at schools – one in which the teacher and education regain their full deserved attention, and students again connect with eachother.


By storing the smartphone in the Lockpouch during class, distraction is removed and students are actively present in class.



The teacher receives full attention from the students and is able to transfer his knowledge undisturbed. As a result, the education of the students is the most important thing in class again and the teacher loses no time constantly keeping an eye on smartphone usage.



After the smartphone is safely stored in the lockpouch, the students remain possession of it. No discussion about theft, damage or any other reason not to store their phone away.



Study shows that the absence of phones during classes lead to students performing better. Results go up, and in turn, the school builds up a better reputation.


During their stay at school, students can no longer bully and threaten other students online or take unapproved pictures and videos of others. Students can also no longer access graphic content. 


Students again connect with each other by socializing during breaks instead of focussing on their smartphone. 


Having all-time access to anything and everything is incredibly useful, but does come at the cost of our attention. In environments as schools, we see how it hinders the education and development of our current generation of students. Paired with the social pressure to be available at all times, students are less focused in class. They are constantly seeking a new stimulus. The ability to focus and be concentrated is essential for studying, however, the smartphone causes our attention span to decrease. Students also find themselves having less social interaction amongst each other due to constantly being on their smartphone.

With Lockpouch we want to make it easier for schools to apply a smartphone ban by providing them with our ultimate solution. Schools can decide to use Lockpouch over the course of just one class, multiple classes or an entire schoolday.

Each student remains the possession of their smartphone, without actually having access to it. This makes it easy and manageable for the school as well as for the teachers and students. The school also won’t be responsible in cases of damage or theft, since each student remains possession of their phone.

In case the smartphone is allowed for usage during class for educational needs, all smartphones will be within reach and can easily be unlocked once the teacher grants access to the unlocker.

Suggested usage for schools

As a school you can decide when and how you provide the students with Lockpouch. We recommend either providing students with a Lockpouch upon entrance of the school (at the janitor) or as soon as they enter their first class.

Depending on the school its preference, multiple detachers can be placed at one central point within the school (with the janitor) or one detacher per classroom.

Your students enter the classroom. Upon entry, they each take a lockpouch out of a box placed near the entrance of the classroom. (1) Every student individually stores their smartphone into the lockpouch (2) after which they close it. The lockpouch is now locked and can only be opened again by the lockpouch unlocker. As soon as class or the schoolday is over, the teachers will make this unlocker available . (3) The students can then, while leaving the classroom, open their lockpouch. The smartphone is now accessible and ready again to use.

If the school allows to, lockpouch offers great ability to restrict smartphone usage at schools but still be able to use them for digital education tools. If the teacher wants to do an online quiz with their students, students may be granted access to the lockpouch unlocker during class to do this.



We would like to provide you with a custom tailored way to implement Lockpouch at your school.