Increase productivity and security at the workplace and during meetings.

Remove the distraction from personal phones at the workplace to increase productivity and security.


Prevent personal phones being used to remove unwanted distractions. 



Camera’s won’t be able to capture confidential information discussed or shown during important meetings.


Increase your personnel its productivity during working hours.


Even in corporate environments, phones can form a huge distraction from work. By storing the phone in a Lockpouch during working hours, your staff its productivity will increase. All sensitive information shown and discussed during work tasks and meetings will remain confidential due to the absence of phone cameras.

After working hours and during breaks, staff can easily unlock their Lockpouch to regain access to their personal phone.

Suggested usage for corporate environments

We recommend requesting your personnel to store their personal phone into a Lockpouch upon arrival at the work floor. We recommend placing Lockpouch unlocker(s) at a central point within the company so that your personnel can easily unlock their Lockpouch during breaks, or when they feel the need to because of personal reasons.


We would like to provide you with a custom tailored way to implement Lockpouch.